Foods rich in calcium

Bones are the most important part of human body. Sufficient amount of calcium helps to develop strong bones. It is an essential element that is required by our body. The National Osteoporosis foundation stated in a health survey that ‘calcium plays a vital role in building strong muscles and bones in the early life. Thus, keeps bones healthy and stronger in the later life’. Almost ninety percent of calcium is stored in bones and teeth. The rest of calcium is utilized for other important purposes such as exocytosis and muscle contraction. They are especially, used for neurotransmitter releases. During the electrical conduction system of the heart, calcium is substituted for sodium. In such situation, minerals eliminate the polarization of cells and proliferates the actions.

Long-term calcium deficiency can develop numerous health problems. Lack of calcium in the body causes blood clots and rickets. During the period of menopause, women can suffer from osteoporosis- in which, the bones degenerate and, it increases the risk of foods rich in calciumfractures. Insufficient supply of calcium will affect bone and tooth formation. Over retention will lead to hypercalcemia, unable to absorb minerals, and impaired kidneys. Calcium should always be consumed in limited amount. Excessive consumption of calcium will form kidney stones. Our body requires sufficient amount of calcium to absorb vitamin D.

Thus, it is essential to consume nutritional food that contains sufficient amount of calcium. Dietary treatment is the best way to fight against any nutritional deficiency. You get all nutrients from the food items. These food products give ample of nutrients that help in proper growth and development of the body. The food items that provided ample of calcium are as follows:


Colored in dark green, the leaves of spinach are high in nutritional terms. They are excellent source of anti-oxidant Spinachagents, which protects our body from several infections. Spinach is rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron. It is world widely used for culinary purposes. Steaming and cooking is the most common form of consuming spinach. Regular consumption of spinach will provide you with ample of nutrients. Due to presence of iron in spinach, it restricts excessive intake of calcium.

Fortified soymilk:

Even though soymilk is an excellent source of protein, it lacks in calcium. Thus, most of the manufacturers use tri- calcium phosphate as calcium source to boost soymilk. Fortified soymilk provides good amount of calcium to our body. Fortified Soymilk is also a great substitute for the people who do not like cow’s milk. Thus, even tough your child does not like cow’s milk; they cannot be deprived from calcium.


Almonds are rich source of vitamin E, which keeps your skin healthy. They are available in various forms such as almond milk, dry fruit, almond oil, and sweet almonds. Approximately 15 almonds provides with 40mg of calcium. You may munch on some handful of almonds during your snack time. You can even soak some almonds in milk for overnight. Peel the cover and eat them in morning. They can be added to various food items such as pastries, doughnuts, ice creams, and desserts.Broccoli


Rich in vitamin C and K, broccoli is also good source of calcium. Broccoli can be good source of calcium for those who dislike dairy products. Proper intake of broccoli helps you to develop strong bones. It also helps in controlling the level of blood pressure. Various medical researchers have suggested that proper intake of calcium will prevent you from colon cancer. Kids generally do not like to eat vegetables. Thus, add broccoli to their pasta, soups, and salads.

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