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  • Live Life King Size

    Live Life King Size

    Feel happy to be happy. This is very true. It is very true that life is not a bed of roses. But in order to make it one, we have to accept the thorns as a part of our life. Every coin has two sides. So  [...]

  • Tips to combat Monday Morning Blues

    Tips to combat Monday Morning Blues

    After a long weekend it is only human to be lethanrgic and sluggish on a Monday. Monday morning is often the toughest with the struggle starting right from the ringing of the alarm and followed by the  [...]

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  • The Secret To Stay Young For Life

    The Secret To Stay Young For Life

    Exercising for few minutes a day and a healthy nutritious diet makes you stay young and adds years to your life. Exercising and eating well means your concentration is great and this reduces stress from your life, which keeps you fit and young. Any kind of cardio for example climbing stairs or jogging improves the metabolism of the body and improves the blood circulation, keeping you fit and young for life. A gentle jog, or a bike ride or few laps of swimming keep your body well tuned or you may also indulge in dancing to improve your energy levels Eat small portions of everything you love to eat and have a healthy cooked breakfast with oats and fresh fruits. Your lunch or dinner must have wholegrain Carbs, foods that are low on salt, oily foods and red meat must be reduced in your daily  [...]

  • MediCare Welfare for senior citizens

    MediCare Welfare for senior citizens

    People who are 65 and above in U.S. do not get insurance from their employer and they were constantly skeptical about their career and finance.  This resolution came into practice from the year 1965.  To know, MediCare and Medicaid are healthcare-related services provided to specific group of people by a division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  It is a social insurance program which serves almost 44 million citizens and the program costs about 432 billion dollars. Both MediCaid and MediCare were created when the former President amended the Social Security Act on July 30, 1965.  Basic services provided by MediCare and handled at the federal level: Has its own eligibility standards and determines amount and duration and scope of services.  Although each  [...]

  • The Bonding between A Man and A Woman

    The Bonding between A Man and A Woman

    When a man and a woman are associated with each other in some way or other for a span of time, it becomes a topic of discussion and gossip for others around them.  They are always doubted for their relationship and people keep wondering whether it is friendship or love. A man and a woman get associated with each other for one or more reasons.  They may be colleagues at work or may be associated in business or are partners of a business organization.  A man and woman may be family friends who share moments of life together.  It depends on the feeling of both persons. The male may be just considering the female as a good friend but the female loves him or vice versa.  At times a man and woman may be college mates who stay together in college as friends, they study together, snack together.   [...]

  • Lack of Respect Spells Doom For Any Relation

    Lack of Respect Spells Doom For Any Relation

     A relation of husband and wife is based on trust, love, caring, commitment and the most important factor which cements the relationship is respect. Respect in a relationship is a tool that can face all the turbulences and strengthen the bond of marriage, and is a key ingredient in a successful relationship. Romance at times depends on illusion and many times it does not last as partners come to find that the person they married is not what they expected and there are difference of opinions and ways of doing things which derails the relationship. However, respect in a relationship is between peers. It is something tested and proved, solid and have the potential to nurture each other’s self esteem, and designed to never degrade or make fun of each other and there is an element of fondness  [...]

  • How To Enjoy a Healthy And Long Lasting Relationship?

    How To Enjoy a Healthy And Long Lasting Relationship?

    It has been quite observed that men and women we love disappoint us in a relation, which turns in to pain, bitterness, hurt and anger and finally derails the entire relationship. However it is imperative to note that disappointments in a relationship can be lessened even eliminated if the people involved have the maturity to move beyond the moment and try to cement a strong equation with your partner rather than cribbing and nagging at the past moment, and let your fury evaporated and find the right moment to reconcile. Perspective are bound to differ between two people in a relation ,but what matters is to resolve it promptly and resist the temptation to visit the past and look with vigour at the near future as layers of bad feelings will turn in to mountains of hatred if no corrective measures  [...]

  • Domestic Violence: The Worst Possible Scars in A Relationship

    Domestic Violence: The Worst Possible Scars in A Relationship

      Domestic violence, wife beating in a relationship is the commonest kind of violence against women and it exists in all the segments of the society, and the sad part is that wives get no sympathy in our society and get battered by their ruthless husbands day and night. Statistically it has been proved that a woman gets beaten up every 18 seconds by a husband or by a boyfriend in relationship and on an average three million women need medical help and counselling. Wife beating is a crime of rage and show your power, to control the weaker person in a relationship, to dominate the life of your partner and impose your views and often the weaker person in the relationship succumbs to this habit of getting beaten up black and blue and considers it as a normal part of relationship. Violence  [...]

  • Spend Some ‘Me Time’ To Give Your Family Your Best

    Spend Some ‘Me Time’ To Give Your Family Your Best

      Children can bring immense joy to a marriage but it has its own pitfalls and in due course of time parents tend to become sexless servants of children, providing them with love and affection and invariably the relationship between the spouse and husband tends to get rusty and derails their life. It is imperative to strike a happy balance and give quality time to your children and at the same time devote quality time to your spouse or husband and maintain harmony in the family as romance like our other needs like food, shelter, clothing, plays a very important role in our life as it is one of those things we live for. It is a myth that once we become parents we must act like matured and no-nonsense people, but the fact of the matter is to keep the relationship warm and cosy, each partner  [...]

  • Peaceful Co-Existence: The Essence of Any Relation

    Peaceful Co-Existence: The Essence of Any Relation

    A small argument turns in a nasty argument between the couples at times, and invariably the warring partners spare no words at hurling accusations, use harsh words to hurt each other and the exchange ends abruptly with uncomfortable silence in the environment. Many couples get in to conflicts they completely loathe however they are still unable to remain free from them, and these fights have the potential to recycle fights, find different meanings in each other’s words, and in due course of time the actual incident which had led to this tussle gets completely sidelined and eventually loses its essence. To mend our relationships and build strong vibrant bonds, couples need to co-operate and adjust in actually giving in when you don’t want to, to maintain sanity in the relationship and  [...]

  • Food Which Helps To Ease Stress

    Food Which Helps To Ease Stress

      In case you are stressed then it is a known fact that your body needs more than usual amounts of vitamins and minerals, and fresh fruits are the best source of vitamins. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is highly recommended when your stress level are high, as one of the organism’s reflex response to stress is to produce substances that thicken the blood with extra clotting factors and red blood cells . This sludge effect added to the already clogged arteries, particularly in the coronary vessels can trigger a heart attack or lead to other cardiovascular conditions. It is a known fact that while dehydration thickens the blood, hydration thins it, thus intake of water must be high when you are under stress. Coffee or tea which we consume when we are stressed to stimulate  [...]

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